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NEW! Check out this Exclusive Interview with former Head Coach Aleksandr Aleksandrov about the true nature of the Rodionenkos! (Credit: Rewriting Russian Gymnastics)

A few months ago after talking with a Russian Gymnastics coach that I trust for a gymnast I operated a website for, she told me that I would be allowed into Ozeroe Krugloe to talk to Mr. Rodionenko about the websites. Another parent supported me and urged me to wait until after the Olympics, which I did.

As a result, I planned a trip to Russia on September 28, and notified everyone, including all fans of the athletes. I’ve collected fanmail letters to deliver personally to the athletes, and began projects such as the Fan of the Month, and to work with the coaches I had a working friendship with to pick the monthly winners.

Shortly before leaving something odd happened. The coach, and 2 parents, stopped returning my letters. They continued to read messages, but would not reply. Nonetheless, with so much invested, I left for Russia.

Trusting the word of the coaches and parents, after arriving, I went to the region and applied for permission to enter, and specifically asked to meet Mr. Rodionenko. Both my requests were never granted.

I told the parents and coaches this, but still yet again, they would remain silent and not respond. I was devastated! I cried and was scared. I was hurt, and am still hurt today by what happened. I invested so much on this trip, but never wanted to be abandoned. Why were my friends ignoring me? Why weren’t they helping me?

Ultimately, I found and stayed in a hotel for a few days hoping that someone will reach out to me, but it never happened, and with the help of my family, I returned home unsuccessful.

Thousands of fans deserve an answer as to why this is all happening, and why I am forced to close my Official sites. Also, fans have entrusted me with their letters and deserve an explanation. Now, I will tell the story. Ultimately, the people responsible for the disaster are the Rodionenkos.

To start, what I’m disclosing below is not mentioned on the websites, nor have I talked about it except to the closest people I know. This is because the Russians don’t want their problems to be known outside. So I’ve been keeping this from you in order to preserve the respect of the athletes. However, as explained below, this no longer matters.

Difficulties Arise

The difficulties began back in 2010. For no logical or apparent reason, most of the athletes stopped writing to me and deleted me as a friend online, then deleted references to my websites from their online profiles.

I became worried that I may have dome something wrong, and applied to the athletes to tell me if I made a mistake, and if they wish for me to close the websites and go away.

They never responded. The athletes affected were the senior gymnasts on the national team that were competing at the time. Gymnasts such as Anna Pavlova, Anastasia Sidorova, Anastasia Grishina, and Diana Sapronova weren’t affected.

I became suspicious and decided to keep the websites online. I increased my contact with the Gymnastics Federation in order to try to establish a working relationship with them, knowing that it was likely that the federation was responsible.

Eventually Elena Koroleva, Director of International Relations of the Gymnastics Federation, sent a complaint to me demanding an explanation on why I established official websites without the permission of the federation.

Of course, the websites were endorsed by the athletes themselves and are their personal sites that had no affiliation with the federation. Despite the offensive nature of their email, I responded kindly explaining this.

Not happy with my reply, the administration at the Sports Gymnastics Federation of Russia initiated a conspiracy to commit fraud that involved censorship of the athletes and staff that supported me. When they felt that the athletes were effectively censored, they sent a letter to me announcing that the athletes signed a formal letter to them requesting that the Gymnastics Federation close my websites, then asked me to delete my websites from the internet.

As a rule, I never run a website for any athlete that doesn’t want it. An Official website is only Official when endorsed, and has to go away when it’s unendorsed. Although deeply hurt by the letter, I believed Elena Koroleva and deleted my websites for the athletes, which at this time, consisted of 2 years of work dedicated to them.

I later decided to try to verify her letter, but the athletes ignored my requests for verification, with the exception of Vika. She said that the federation never talked to her about the sites. Further, Tatiana’s coaches said that Tanya likes my websites and wants them to remain online. Tanya later said she loves the new designs on her sites. Galina also learned that the real reason the federation wanted my sites taken offline was so they can create their own websites in the future.

After discovering that the Federation committed fraud to trick me into deleting my work for the athletes, I restored the websites from backups and placed them back online, to the joy of thousands of their fans. I initially told the fans what happened, but decided it was best to keep the fraud out of public knowledge, and removed the announcement.

The athletes, notably Tatiana and Aliya, rejoined facebook groups for their websites, further showing they supported them.

The federation within a week revamped their pressure and had their attorney, Ivan Kovtun, send me an online Cease and Desist letter demanding that I close the websites, again saying that the athletes signed a formal letter to them asking them to close my websites. The attorney mentioned a new fact, that the athletes also requested the Federation to have me stop all contact with the gymnasts.

Of course, by then, I already knew they were lying and immediately denied their request. But by the time they submitted this letter, even Vika was completely censored. I lost all contact with the gymnasts.

Fans at this point would ask me, “Why did you continue with the websites if they couldn’t talk to you?”. After losing contact with the athletes, I still had contact with most of their parents, and Tanya’s coaches.

Vika’s father, Aleksandr Komov strongly believed Vika still supported her website and didn’t understand why the Federation would oppose it. Vera continued to assure me that Tatiana wants her website. Natasha Nabieva, Tanya’s mom, said she endorses Tanya’s site. Mr. Kiryashov agreed with me that it would be best to assume that if the athlete didn’t expressly tell me they wanted my sites closed, that it’s because they support it.

This is the reason I maintained my sites. I could only act on faith that the gymnasts supported my work for them, and I felt that the parents or coaches would tell me if they didn’t want my help anymore.

Rodionenko Speaks

I’ve been maintaining the sites without any contact with the athletes for a while, and eventually managed to reach Andrei. A coach anonymously provided me contact information to him in hopes of convincing him to let the athletes have the freedom to support their sites. This was before I knew that Andrei himself was the person responsible for opposing my websites.

My first task was to send a package to him that contained Christmas gifts for the gymnasts. To my surprise, and what looked like a promising sign, he passed the LL Bean gifts out to the gymnasts. A further rare sign, the athletes thanked me for their gifts. Since Andrei handed them the gifts, they must have felt ok to show appreciation to me for them.

A letter was included to propose that Andrei and I meet in person to discuss the websites. I later spoke to him by phone, and he said he would think about the idea.

Andrei’s First Lie

Days later in another call with him, Andrei said he couldn’t give me permission because the person responsible for closing my websites was not the federation or him. He said it was Andrei Kostin. Yes, Andrei Kostin, the chairman of the Gymnastics Federation, and of VTB Bank, their chief sponsor. Andrei wanted me to believe Kostin was the person responsible for my troubles, and it was never him.

I immediately knew he was lying, because the secretary, Elena Koroleva already told me previously that the decision for seeing him at Round Lake is his call. Rodionenko is in charge of such decisions.

Pretending to believe him, I said not to worry, because I would keep the websites online anyway and Mr. Kostin doesn’t have the authority to close them down.

Emotionally Pissed Rodionenko

Realizing that his lie didn’t work, he suddenly became extremely angry and emotional then began screaming into the phone. He was no longer hiding his personal contempt for my websites or I, but just like Elena and Ivan, he tried to pin it on his gymnasts now.

He said that the gymnasts complain about me openly and about my websites. (This later is proven true.. but a misleading point.. It happened after the pressure to close my sites was pushed on them. I sent a series of letters to the gymnasts before I understood the situation to let me know what they wanted me to do, because I was confused. They couldn’t tell me the truth, and eventually became emotional about it when I tried to contact them to understand their wishes. Andrei was blaming the effect for the cause, which is logically impossible.)

Andrei searched for more reasons, later saying that the sites were “too personal”. (?? I can only guess he means too many personal photos?). His next big argument was that I didn’t create sites for the men’s team. (This is true, but I told him that I don’t have the endorsement of any gymnasts on the men’s team, and that the photographers that share their photos with me only take images of the WAG events, so I couldn’t make any layouts for the men’s team. I said it was a good idea though to make sites for the Men’s team and proposed we look further into it.) The phone call was the tensest 14 minutes I’ve ever experienced! I never knew someone could be filled with so much anger.

Multiple correspondences were sent out to Andrei then to try to take his points into consideration. I proposed constructing sites for the men’s teams, and deleted 90% of the personal photos from the sites, I also give him logins to access the galleries and news pages to remove content. I was already out of contact with the athletes, but still worked with parents and coaches.

But sadly, Andrei did not respond. The athletes had no more freedom to talk or be friends with me after then before I began communicating with him, and I learned that Andrei himself has personal feelings against my websites and I.

Federation’s Sites Come Online

Not long after, the sites, which Galina warned me they were going to construct, began to come online. The federation began constructing websites at , which also claimed to be the Official sites of the Russian gymnasts.

I immediately knew this would cause confusion on the web and would expose a controversy between the gymnastics federation and I. I initiated a court case to get them shut down as a product of fraud. The gymnastics federation lost the case by default, but a few parents urged me to dismiss the case. Respecting the wishes of the parents, as I always do, I dismissed the case. I then apologized to Andrei for opening the case, and he accepted the apology.

Just See Him in Person..

It became more clear to me over time some realities about the gymnasts and life at Round Lake. The athletes and staff there don’t want their controversies to become publically known, including mine. It was the strong preference that I keep it internal, and try to work with the federation exclusively. The legal case clearly would expose everything.

I wasn’t able to call him anymore, but a coach, whom I will not name here, but I trust, said that Andrei would allow me to see him in person, and I should just go there and ask to talk with him. I just needed to let the facility know I was going there to talk with Andrei. The parents urged me to try to resolve the matter with the federation, and helped me to coordinate a good time to head to Ozeroe Krugloe, avoiding the vacations.

I planned everything out, kept everyone in the loop, and scheduled a time. I sent letters to Andrei (which he signed for) explaining the details of the trip and the matters I proposed talking about. On the list, I didn’t mention the past. I basically wanted a reset, and offered to just focus on ideas for the future, including extending sites for the men’s teams.

Knowing that dealing with Andrei is extremely tense, I was scared. I’ve been scared throughout the entire trip, and had little to no sleep. But shortly before I left, and when I got there, my contact with even the coaches and parents stopped. I wasn’t able to get the information I needed to smoothly carry out the plans. But nonetheless, I was in the area for several days and notified the Round Lake staff on two occasions. But they never granted me permission to enter to see Andrei, contrary to the coach original claims that they would.

To this day, the parents and coaches I talked to won’t communicate with me anymore. It’s because of this, I’ve decided it’s time to accept the reality that I am blacklisted by the Rodionenkos, and will not be able to support the gymnasts and the team with websites. An official website requires endorsement, and if I can’t even talk to the athletes, coaches, or parents, I can’t claim I have any endorsement anymore.

Although it has been done in a cruel and unjust manner, I’ve been forced to retire from running Russian gymnastics websites, and move on with my life to new goals. When my family paid to bring me back home, it was done on one condition, that I stop my support for the Russian Gymnasts.

Our Accomplishments

I am proud of everything I’ve done for the athletes over these past 4 years, and am proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication to help me to make the best websites for the Gymnasts. I honestly believe we have created the best websites any gymnasts could have. We have been very engaged and receive over 1,000 fans a day on Aliya’s website alone.

If you compare the numbers of visitors we have, compared to the “Official” site by the federation of Aliya Mustafina, you know that in just 9 average days, we get more visitors than their site has ever gotten in its existence! We got more visitors in 1 day during the Olympics than their sites ever has received, despite being online for about a year now.

In short, my websites are a huge success. People respect and value the sites, and returned to them often to learn the latest news of their favorite athletes. Aspiring athletes learn about the accomplishments of the Russian gymnasts, and I’ve played a significant role in helping.

When Russians become admired by Aliya, Vika, and their comrades and want to learn about them, they go to my sites, because it’s about the gymnasts. They won’t know what the “Sports Gymnastics Federation of Russia” is, so they will start by learning about the athletes.

Everyone, the reason I’m being punished by Andrei is because I have been successful in promoting Russian gymnastics without the support of the federation. This is why Andrei won’t work with me. He never wanted me to succeed, so everytime I pointed out all that I’ve accomplished for the Russian team in my letters to him, it only made everything worse. I am supposed to fail and disappear. But we got 13,000 facebook fans, 7,000 for Vika’s site, and over 30,000 monthly visitors. After I mentioned to Elena in a friendly email that the commentators praised Vika’s website a few times at the Youth Olympic Games during a broadcast, when she returned to Russia, someone made her delete me as a friend online. Shortly before that, she thanked me for supporting her and sending her links of montages by fans. The federation was embarrassed by what I’ve accomplished for Vika, and punished me by forcing her to give me a cold shoulder.

When Aliya Mustafina torn her ACL, we placed together a project and collected over 200 letters, and 3 DVD’s worth of Montages for Aliya. Aliya actively watched the contributions while out recovering, and on TV when asked about it, praised her fans for the contributions and said they’ve inspired her to fully recover. Aliya never thanked me though for my part because Andrei wouldn’t approve it.

Then there’s the fan of the month submissions. The real purpose of it was so the athletes could see how by being rolemodels, they are changing others for the better. People across the world admire them and want to pursue their dreams, thanks to Aliya, Vika, and their teammates. The fan of the month letters contained so many positive stories. The websites are a place where people go to learn about the gymnasts, their accomplishments, and be connected to a community of peers with the same interests. It brings people who want to support the athletes together.

Andrei knows this, and it scares him. It embarrasses the federation because they have not accomplished this.. it was done by a foreigner that has no relation to them.

Also, corporations value and rely on the websites for corporate sponsorship queries. One gymnast I run a site for got a $40,000 offer from P&G, and Vika’s sponsorship with Armax requires crediting the corporation on her site.

An embarrassed gymnastics federation, rather than offering to team up with me, or even trying, or proposing a working relationship, engaged in fraud to remove my sites from the internet and place their own up instead. In the end, no one really cares about those sites, because the visitor count shows people come back to our sites instead.

Mandated “Cold Shoulder“ Treatment

The sadder story is how far the Federation would go to hide the fact that they were against the sites. The Sports Gymnastics Federation of Russia took a position that the athletes themselves were the ones that opposed the websites by me.

In order to do this, they then required that the athletes stop all contact with me and terminate their friendship. This was to give the appearance that the athletes themselves made the decision, and the federation was merely acting on their interests.

In short, the Sports gymnastics federation required that the athletes give a Cold Shoulder treatment to me, and to those they knew worked for me. Everytime I accomplished something positive for the gymnasts, they were required to not care about it. As a result, Aliya, and Vika would never thank me for anything, even the Get Well project, or my posts supporting and encouraging them through the Olympics.

If the athletes at any point did support me or extend their thanks instead of a Cold Shoulder, they could get punished because it’s not consistent with Andrei’s statements, and would show the federation lied about their stance that they are acting on the will of the athletes and not their own.

In short, Andrei has been imposing bad moral values on the gymnasts, requiring them to show no respect to me or several of my helpers in order to protect himself. Andrei Rodionenko is essentially corrupting his athletes in order to preserve his image.

Athletes Do Support Us

Before I understood why they were giving me the Cold Shoulder, I worried that I offended them, and asked them to please tell me what I did to hurt them, so I can correct it and apologize. They never did, and this eventually resulted in anger because I felt I wasn’t’ being respected by the athletes. I remember closing the sites down, and accusing the gymnasts of having no respect for me or for my years of work for them due to their treatment towards me.

It was then that some coaches, whom I won’t name, stepped in and urged me to keep the websites online, and Tanya broke her silence to urge me to keep her site.

To everyone, the Sports Gymnastics Federation of Russia wants you to believe that Aliya, Vika, Tatiana, and other athletes on the senior team are against my websites and everything I’ve done for them. To them, it’s essential that you believe them because it gives legitimacy to their fraud, and the websites they’ve established to replace mine. If the athletes were not to care about the Get Well Projects, Fan of the Month projects, and any other project I run to benefit the athletes, it gives them legitimacy for their past efforts to throw my sites away.

The bad values Andrei is imposing on the athletes caused me to lose several past assistants. They felt that the girls have no respect for their contributions, and urged me to delete my sites and their contributions.

But you must remember that Aliya, Vika, and Tanya never opposed my websites. They’ve been mad at me at times, because I’ve actually closed the sites before when I was mislead. They pretended not to care online, because it was expected of them. Please never believe what Andrei wants you to believe. Aliya does care about and thanks her fans for the Get Well Project. They do care about the support they receive from all of you on the sites.


The Sports Gymnastics Federation of Russia, under the leadership of the Rodionenkos, has engaged in a conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud, and censorship not only of the athletes, but their coaches and parents as well. They did this to conceal the administration’s personal anger and the federation’s embarrassment of the success of my websites, and to hopelessly try to accomplish the same with their own sites with mine out of the way.

The Federation, under Andrei’s leadership, imposes bad moral values on the athletes by forcing them to pretend to disregard and not care about my work to support them.

To try to win their support, I’ve proven the value of my websites through logs and activities, as well as projects. I’ve shown them that the sites promote an interest in the sport they administer in Russia, and people learn and respect the sport more with my sites. But my level of accomplishments in this field embarrasses them, and they fight the existence of my sites through censorship and falsely stating that the gymnasts don’t appreciate my work and want me to go away.

Before the parents and coaches were somehow punished for supporting me and became censored, we all still believed the best hope was just to interface with Andrei in person. I went to Russia to do this just, but Andrei proved to be a coward and didn’t grant me an audience.

Andrei Rodionenko has proven not to have a good moral position for his actions. He is always grasping for reasons to oppose my sites. But each reason never justifies his opposition. He doesn’t want to support them at all, and is looking for any reasons at all to justify it. If his censorship was for a safety concern, he wouldn’t need to censor the adults too. Mr. Komov, Kiryashov, Vera, Natasha are all grown adults. His censorship is done to conceal his personal anger over my sites and the success they’ve become.

But now I’m tired. My family wants me out, and I want out. So I close the official websites in order to get my life back and to find new interests and goals. In effect, Andrei Rodionenko won. But it’s a double edged-sword victory. In place of the official site, is this letter, to explain the true nature of his character, and the organization he represents. It will be seen by 30,000+ visitors monthly. Also, the websites are no longer marked official, and are left online as an archive here. Only an unofficial site, a remnant of what was once Official, is left here.

Fans can visit the now-unofficial sites so they can evaluate my work, and the work of all of my assistants, and judge for themselves if they really believe the athletes would oppose the efforts, projects, and dedicated time we placed into the success of the pages. Remember, when you view the sites, that you are looking at what the Sports Federation claims are pages that Aliya, Vika, and Tanya don’t like, and wish weren’t online.

(Click here to visit the website!)

Thank You

I deeply regret my decision to stop all further work on my sites. I know, especially for all of the new volunteers working on the new languages, that so much of your work is lost. I feel horrible for it. I know that it would expand interest in Russian Gymnastics across the globe if we were to open all of the new language sections. But now that the Sports Federation has cut off contact with the parents and coaches, any channels of endorsement are gone, and I simply can’t run them anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why aren’t you on Facebook anymore?

There have been a lot of people, because Vika, Aliya, and the team stopped being friends with me that believe I’ve been running fake official sites. They’ve complained and attack me online. But I knew they supported me so I ignored them. My greatest hope was to go to Round Lake and get photos with the gymnasts, and to have a working relationship with Andrei, forgetting the past, so they can freely support me again. Since I failed, those haters felt this proves I’ve been lying. It’s devastating, so I avoid Facebook to avoid the hatemail. Also, to move on from Russian gymnastics, I need to start with a new facebook account later. This FAQ covers questions from complaints actually.

2. What will happen to the fanmail I sent you?

It’s going to be sent to Vitaly Mutko, the Minister of Sport for the Russian Federation in a package already being prepared for him. I will personally ask that he ensure that the letters get delivered to Aliya and Vika. I’ll ask him to let me know when they are delivered, so I can announce something. It’s being included in a package containing court records showing the gymnasts continued support, along with several parents and coaches, after the federation claimed the athletes opposed the sites. The records are sealed in a U.S. Federal Court, but will be sent to him for review.

3. Whoa, what does the court have to do with it?

The websites the federation established exist and are hosted in Texas, and amounts to fraud in the USA, so the U.S. has jurisdiction. But ultimately, it was dismissed by request of several parents that were afraid of the impact it would have on the athletes.

4. But Andrei certainly can decide whom the athletes can and can’t talk to in his facility!

Yes. But he can’t take advantage of it by imposing false speech. That’s censorship and fraud. The motives of the federation were malicious.

5. Are you really going to close the sites and move on to new goals?

I’ll keep an interest in Russian gymnastics, but I won’t be actively involved in promoting the sport anymore online.

6. Why is it a requirement that you be online friends with them?

I’ve always required sufficient access to send messages to them, and since I’m not paid, it’s fair that I focus on helping athletes that appreciate my work. That’s really it.

7. The athletes are free not to like you sites! It’s not “bad moral values”!

True, they are free not to and to withdraw their endorsement. There’s nothing wrong with this. But when people place a lot of time into supporting you, and you don’t want their help, they are entitled to some reasonable notice. If you don’t, you are exploiting them. Don’t let others help you if you won’t appreciate their work. Everyone wants to be respected and appreciated for what they do. So as it applies here, it’s the perception that not only does Aliya, Vika, and Tanya complain about me and not want my help, it’s that they never ask me to not help them or send a farewell message. They can easily announce they don’t need my help anymore if they truly don’t. But remember… this is not reality, they are forced to behave this way!

8. Is there anything that can convince you to return your websites online? We will miss them and all of the updates!

To help people for years, and years, only to be blacklisted and receive the Cold Shoulder from them continuously makes it feel like you are not appreciated and it hurts very much. These 3 years have been tremendously stressful. Because of the amount of work I placed in their sites, an occasional thank you from the team has always been lacking, and I’ve been forced to act just on faith that it matters to them. As a human being, I feel I have no self-respect for myself if I help people that don’t show appreciation in return. I just want to be respected.

9. Is there anything we can do to help you? What will you likely do?

Allow me to find new goals. Don’t push me to keep the sites online. I have a strong relationship with the Ukraine athletes, including some male gymnasts I’ve met while there. I’ve visited them in person so we trust each other closely. I will place more effort into their websites. Since there’s not as much news to go there, It’ll free up more time for me to find new interests in life as well. The Russian sites always took most of my free time, because there is so much to do on them!

10. It’s not a problem! Call the sites unofficial!

A lot of the permission I have to use content is because of the official status. Other than that, I could call them unofficial, but like I originally said, my friends and family want me out completely. Also, don’t offer to take them over! You will be treated the same way that I was, and lose any friendship with the athletes and parents (if you have them already.)

11. How to I complain to the Sports Gymnastics Federation about this?

Telephone: 7 (495) 637-06-42

Fax: 7 (495) 637-09-22

12. What about all of the fake profiles of Aliya and Vika? They are embarrassing to her and she asked for help!

I’m aware of the many imposters of Aliya and Vika on the internet! Aliya asked for help online to fans to close them down. In my last communication to Andrei, this is one major point I mentioned. I already learned from Facebook what is required, and Vkontakte was ready to take action. They required some action from Aliya herself as well so the plan was for me to help her with those steps, a process not lasting more than 10 minutes, then all of those fake profiles would be gone!

But as explained above, Andrei’s ego forbids any success by me in supporting the athletes. As a result, those fake profiles hurting her reputation will remain online. Some profiles went as far as to criticize Russia and Mr. Putin! One on vkontakte is using slutty images (not of her, but claiming to be her). Others just draw attention away from credible sources of her, like my site, or her real profile.

To Andrei, his ego is more important than Aliya’s well being. He already took the position that the athletes don’t want my help or care about my contributions. If I actually help her to remove those profiles that are stressing her out, then it contradicts his statement making him look wrong. Therefore, I’m afraid those fake profiles are online even to this day.

    13. Why did you take fanmail?!

I was wrong. I was overconfident in myself and felt that I would have an opportunity to deliver them to at least someone that would pass them to Aliya and Vika. I regret I ever accepted the mail. I am sorry. I will however do everything I can to see they are delivered.

    14. Are some of the sites on actually Official?

Maria Paseka, Anna Dementyeva, and Anastasia Grishina’s sites are. Anastasia’s family felt it was best to endorse the site by the federation. They were honest with me so I have no objections and respect their decision, despite being hopeful that I would be able to put my version of Anastasia’s site online in the future.

    14. You’ve made a lot of strong accusations against the Gymnastics Federation and their coaches. Care to back them up with evidence?

The records are going to the Ministry of Sport. I don’t want to publish private messages online here. I wish to let the department handle it, investigate, and take appropriate action. The records contain direct statements from parents, coaches, and athletes proving the federation lied and engaged in fraud. It also has the letters from the Federation, which amount to the actual fraud.

The evidence is strong. I don’t believe any reasonable person would reject them. However, I will promise this: If Andrei’s contract with the federation is renewed, I will then post the records here as a PDF file with a downloadable link.

    15. Why have you been so committed to supporting the Russian athletes after everything that’s happened?

Ever since watching Ksenia Semenova at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I’ve decided I wanted to try something new and dedicate a website to her. I was tired of dealing with Hollywood actors, which I used to do. I admired Ksenia and learned more about gymnastics after she competed and wanted to construct a site that she would love and appreciate. I later expanded to her teammates. I love running websites for people that benefit from it. It gives me a sense of purpose and earns me respect with others. The websites have attracted much interest in Russian gymnastics.

    16. Well, I should ask again! Are you sure you are giving up on the websites for the Russian gymnasts?

Good point. Let’s just say it’s an indefinite suspension, and not giving up. If the following events occur, I will consider reestablishing my websites for the Russian team:

    A. The Rodionenkos have to not be employed or affiliated with the Sports Gymnastics Federation.
    B. Since members of the team essentially invited me to Round Lake, but didn’t honor this when I arrived, they must honor it. This will give me a chance to connect to them as people, and not only as an online contact, so we have better trust. I can work on a plan with the new head coach for all the sites.
    C. My family feels that by never getting and thanks from Aliya, Tanya, Vika, and others on the team showing any appreciation for my work, that I’ve been used by them. Anyone would think the same. But with the Rodionenkos gone, I am sure this won’t be a problem. So in short.. I need to be appreciated!!!


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